Meet The Team

Vice President of Sales

Corey Easley

Operations Team

Sales/Project Management Team

Plant Manager, Byram

Zach Farrar


Cody Wilkins, CPA

Office Manager, Byram

Renee Errington

Plant Manager, New Albany

Dan Allen

Office Manager, New Albany

Julie Poynor

Lead Project Manager/Customer Service

Bruce Thomas

Estimator/Project Manager, MS/LA

Bill Poole

Contractor Supply Store Manager

Chris Phillipson

Scheduler/Project Manager

Trey Chassion

Estimator/Project Manager, AL/TN

Chris Teague

Dispatch/Logistics Manager

Andrew McPhail

Concrete Manufacturing

Dunn Utility Products LLC
6697 I-55 South
Byram, Mississippi 39272

601-487-2997 phone
M-F: 8-5

Concrete Supply Store

Dunn Utility Products LLC
3849 I-55 South
Jackson, Mississippi 39212

601-487-5000 phone
M-F: 7-4:30

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